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Why Men Compare Themselves To Other Men

The simplest theory as to why men compare themselves with other men is because they compete with one another. Whether this competitive behaviour is conscious or subconscious, all men are continuously scanning other men in the vicinity and assessing whether they are the best or is there someone else who is better around.

When a male compares himself with an attribute that he is endowed with, with another male, the result may be superiority complex. He thus feels good that he is the most capable male in that situation and this complex alone can boost his confidence. However, if the male compares himself with another male on an attribute that he himself lacks, it may set in emotion of inferiority in him. It may start affecting his psyche adversely and shatter his confidence level. In extreme cases, it may end up in total loss of self worth. Here is a list of the qualities that men tend to compare with each other: -LOOKS: This is a physical attribute and it is the first thing that crosses the mans mind while comparing. This attribute includes height, weight, skin type, complexion, endowment, build, width of the shoulders and chest, the hair line, density of hair, etc. The pattern is that the male will generally start comparing the attribute that he perceives to be lacking in himself. Many of these things can be worked on such as hair lose or a small penis size. Consider hair growth solutions and a penis enlargement device.

-LEVEL OF FITNESS: Men have a penchant for comparison of their fitness level. It will include the diet and the exercise regime that the other follows. This is one issue that men may openly discuss with each other.

-MONEY: the third rung in the comparison is the heaviness of the other mens wallets. Even though this cannot be openly discussed, it can be easily measured by looking at the other mans bike/car, latest gadgets like phone, laptop and accessories like pen, bag, belt and shoes.

-JOB: Men love to compare themselves with other men based on the jobs that they do. The more prestigious the post, the more the man is in comparison. The job profile and work activity of the man indicates his worth and his indispensability to the institution that he works for.

-CONTACTS: The number of high profile contacts makes any man an envy of others around him. A popular man is always in demand and people always want to be like him.

It is worthy to note here that healthy comparisons are normal, but if a person goes overboard in comparing himself for every little thing, then he may need to seek professional help.


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