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Which Prenatal Vitamins Are Best To Use?

Pregnancy is one of those times in life when a woman’s body is extremely vulnerable. Even the minutest things like eating or drinking are to be managed for the growth of a healthy baby inside the womb. It is also during the process of pregnancy that a female requires the most amount of nutrients. Whatever her normal intake of vitamins is, it should be increased as recommended by her doctor. This is important since vitamins are essential for the proper growth of the baby.

There are several prenatal vitamins that are important during this fragile phase. Following are some of the best prenatal vitamins which are safe to use.

Vitamin E

Although the deficiency of vitamin E is quite rare among people, it is a good nutrient to be taken during this time. Most pregnant women take vitamin E supplements to make sure there are no complications during the entire pregnancy period. Its intake assists in regulating the blood pressure and the issues that are associated with it.

Vitamin C

This is another extremely important vitamin to be taken during the time of pregnancy. Women are usually eating more during this period than they normally do, which means increased vulnerability to certain diseases. Intake of vitamin C strengthens the immune system allowing you to be free with your prenatal diet. However, as mentioned multiple times everywhere, excessive dosage of any nutrient can harm your baby.

Vitamin D

The body of a pregnant woman greatly requires doses of Vitamin D, as it is important for both the baby and the mother. Combining Vitamin D with calcium helps greatly in the proper growth of bones in the baby. It further strengthens the bones of the mother. The amount of vitamin D intake is usually suggested by the doctor during prenatal checkups.

Vitamin B-9

This is by far one of the most common and best prenatal vitamins that are taken by women during pregnancy. It is commonly known as folic acid. It is recommended that women should start consuming vitamin B-9 before they even know they are pregnant yet. This is important since this nutrient is essential in the growth of your baby from the earliest stages –when you might not even know you are pregnant. This is especially important if neural tube defects are found in the family history of a woman.

Vitamin B-6

This is another vitamin from the vitamin B family. It is also quite a helpful prenatal vitamin since it is known for aiding morning sickness which is common during pregnancy. This vitamin is also taken by people suffering from morning sickness as it is a common element in most of the prescribed drugs for this illness.

There are several other prenatal vitamins that assist during this phase. However, it is important to know the amounts of essential vitamins you need daily during pregnancy because overdosing could lead to adverse effects for you as well as your child.



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