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Penis Size A Snag Not Only For Men But Also Women!

When we talk about penis, it's enlargement, size, etc, we tend to concentrate only on men`s mentality and their opinions, or worries. But have we ever thought of how and what a woman feels or probably opines about these? This is very important because, in sex women play an equal role and the intercourse is complete with a woman on the other side. So it is very important to know their feelings or probably should know, since they are on the receiving end and they know better as to how it works and what the deficiencies are.

A recent study conducted by the researchers of Los Angeles revealed that nearly 84% of the female population is happy and satisfied with their relationship with partners. One reason for this might be that they have right, or perfect penis size. But what about the rest? Yes, the rest feel that they may have a better intercourse if the size were right. Out of this balance 16%, 14% of women feel that it could be larger and the remaining feel that it could be thicker (girth over length in this case). All these are the results of the survey, but the fact is that majority of women do not worry about the size, but rather are happy with men who are kind, affectionate and satisfy not only their sexual urge, but also their other worldly needs. In fact it is men who talk and worry more about their penis size and not women. They are in fact happy with what and however it is.

There are some common identifications and tips that can help men with answers to all their queries. Generally tall people have tall legs and arms and obviously bigger penis. And it is the other way round in smaller men, but this is not a major issue to get agitated over and should not block your pursuit of a happy life. In fact there are many solutions to be found. It should however be noted that penis enlargement by way of pills never works. It can temporarily increase blood flow, but that is it. Here is how to make your dick bigger no pills required.

Similarly thin people have big and large penis when compared to obese men. This is because, when a man is fat, his abdominal weight increases wrapping up the bottom of the penis making it look smaller. This is again not a matter of concern because this situation can be brought under control by burning the extra kilos. This is not only a necessity for a happy sex life but also good for a healthy physical body.

So to be happy in the bed on top of your spouse for longer, the simple mantra is to lose weight and be yourself because most women are happy and satisfied with what you have.


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